Result of the Scottish Independent Referendum 2014


Scotland had 4,283,938 eligible voters for the referendum. The number of votes cast was 3,623,344.

Turnout 84.6%.

Mary Pitcaithly, Chief Counting Officer for the Scottish Independence Referendum said:

“I am aware of the content being shared on social media and speculation regarding the conduct of the count process.

“All counts throughout Scotland were scrutinised by thousands of people, including hundreds of independent observers, and hundreds of counting agents representing both the Yes Scotland and the Better Together campaigns. It is their job to observe the count while ballot papers are being counted to ensure the proper process is being followed. Independent international election observers attended and watched the counts taking place. Every count in Scotland provided access for print, broadcast and online media. In addition, officers from Police Scotland were present at every count centre. As such, the count centres received an unprecedented level of observation and scrutiny and I believe any instances of perceived wrongdoing would have been reported by any of these attendees and observers there and then. I am not aware of any complaints having been raised by any observer or agent and none were made to me during the verification, counting and adjudication stages.

“I am satisfied that all counts were conducted properly.”

Result for Scotland

Yes - 44.7% - 1,617,989 votes

No - 55.3% - 2,001,926 votes

Results by council

  Council Total Votes Counted Yes No Rejected Papers


Aberdeen City 180,045 71,337 108,606 102


Angus 35,044 45,192 66
4 Argyll & Bute 63,516