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Electoral Management Board for Scotland - Home page

Promoting best practice in electoral administration and supporting the electoral community in Scotland.

Coronavirus COVID19 update

The Coronavirus Act became law on 26 March 2020 and  contains provisions to allow postponement of council by-elections.  The Convener of the EMB has circulated guidance on the process for postponing a by-election to fill a casual vacancy on a local council.

Our role

The Electoral Management Board for Scotland (EMB) has a key role in delivering electoral events in Scotland.  Returning Officers and Electoral Registration Officers drawn from across the country lead and support their colleagues to coordinate elections and referendums  to give results in which the voter can have full confidence. 

In 2014 the EMB gave extensive support to its Convener, Mary Pitcaithly in her role as Chief Counting Officer for the Scottish Independence Referendum.

This website provides information about the current work of the Board, holds records of previous meetings and gives information about the various members and advisers.