Preparing for a UK Parliamentary General Election - 6 October 2023 Joint Conference

Resources and Background Material

Preparing for a UK Parliamentary general election and beyond: A joint Electoral Management Board for Scotland / Electoral Commission conference for Scotland’s Returning Officers and Electoral Registration Officers

Friday 6 October 2023 10.00am – 3.30pm


Reference reports, guidance and resource links 

Please find below links to key reports, guidance and resources in relation to each of the topics covered: 




The roles & responsibilities of the RO & ERO 


Preparing Scotland for the next UKPGE and implementation of the Elections Act 2022 


Constituency boundary changes and implications 


Fees, charges and funding 


  • Expenses guidance notes for Returning Officers – UKPGE (not yet available) 

  • Guidance on the Elections Act 2022 new burden funding and justification led bids (Electoral Integrity Programme - EIP) - available from DHLUC  

Preparing for a UKPGE – Electoral fraud and integrity 


Capacity building & resilience (workshop) 




And beyond the UKPGE 


* The Electoral Commission is currently updating their resources to support disabled people, including those with a learning disability and/or autism, to vote. These resources will be available in a range of accessible formats, and will be published in due course 

Electoral Commission bulletins 

The Electoral Commission issue bulletins on a regular basis with a summary of key messages to Returning Officers, Electoral Registration Officers, their staff and other stakeholders, please subscribe to the EA Bulletin for regular updates. This bulletin will also advise when we publish or update new guidance and resources. A library of past EA bulletins is also available.